dealing with a double chin

Everyone has a feature they would like to change. A double chin is a common problem and everyone that experieces it wants it gone. Age and weight can increase the risk of an extra chin but they should not always be blamed. Many thin, young people spend their days dealing with a double chin by trying to camouflage it or exercise it away. These steps do not offer any real results and over time it can lower confidence as it becomes even more noticeable. Plastic surgery does provide options and many people request neck lifts to remove the excess skin and fat. There are many side effects and potential risks with a neck lift.

  • Extensive bruising on the neck.
  • The potential for visible scars.
  • All surgeries have a risk of infection or excessive bleeding.
  • Following a neck lift all patients must wear compression garments around their neck and head for several days.
  • Additional surgeries may be needed if the skin does not heal correctly after the initial procedure.
  • The surgery requires people to take 2-3 weeks off from work and from any aggressive exercise.
  • There are no apparent results for several months after the surgery.

Not wanting to risk an invasive procedure does not mean settling for a life with a double chin. Non-invasive methods are a safe and effective answer. Injectable treatments use a specific drug called Kybella to dissolve fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. The results begin to show within a couple of weeks and the skin improves rapidly from that point on for several months.

Any residual redness or bruising with Kybella is usually minor enough to cover with makeup and is gone in about 48 hours. Most people should take it easy for a couple of days after the treatment. Repeated treatments provide more benefits and many people will need approximately 3-5 sessions to completely eliminate their sagging double chin. This is not the type of injectable treatment that is safe to receive in a spa. Avoiding side effects like infection or other concerns is easiest when a trained medical professional is the one administering the injections. Contact a cosmetic surgeon for a consultation. =