How to Avoid Mistakes While Working Out With a Rowing Machine

Home rowing machines have been around since the 1980s and have continued to improve over the years, offering a full body workout that is not just for those who compete in rowing competitions. These machines offer low impact exercises that increase muscle strength and endurance. These machines also offer cardiovascular health improvements because they raise the heart rate. Unfortunately, there are mistakes that can be made that can prevent a person from enjoying their workouts and seeing results.

Avoiding mistakes on a rowing machine begins with first knowing how to properly use it. The experts recommend scheduling a visit at a local gym so a trainer can show how to properly use the machine for a safe and effective workout. Failure to use the machine properly can result in injuries and lackluster body results. These are the most common mistakes people make:

  • Beginners are often unaware they need to check the damper setting which is normally located on the side of the machine. If the damper is set too high, the machine will cause pain in the arms and prevent a person from being able to finish their workout.
  • Another mistake beginners make is trying to pull the machine with only their arms and shoulders. The vast majority of pulling power should come from a person’s legs. Using only the arms can lead to serious injuries in the arms, back, and shoulders.
  • Many make the mistake of not using the right form when they are rowing. There are three steps for every row and they need to be carried out precisely for effectiveness and no injury. The first step is to push with the feet and legs and then the pelvis needs to be pivoted back so the shoulders are ahead of the pelvis. Then and only then, should a person pull.
  • Posture is extremely important for properly working out and preventing pain and injury. Those with bad posture need to make sure they do not slump down in the rowing chair. Sitting with a tall posture will allow all of the muscles to work properly so the right results are achieved without causing any undue discomfort.

Using these tips will make rowing much easier and less stressful on the body. If you would like more tips like these, visit