Saying Goodbye to Your Prized Dog

Everyday there are viral videos of cute kittens and playful puppies making us laugh at their silly antics.  Owners of old, sickly and diseased dogs may look back wistfully remembering the days when their pet scampered and played the day away.  When our fluffy little fur babies become old and riddled with pain at some point, as an owner, you’ve got to let them go.  What do you consider in making that tough call?

If your dog shows a decline in functioning such as memory loss, trouble learning and awareness that’s one of the first signs you need to contact your vet.   Their sight and hearing can deteriorate and cause imbalance in their sleep cycles.  You might notice a change in their habits as they become restless during the day and sleepless at night.  Staring at objects, wandering about the house are all signs that should be discussed especially if their activity is causing you to lose sleep as well.

One busy business owner thought she would have to close her bookkeeping office to care for her prized Dalmatian.  Fortunately, she had invested in Deluxe for Business software that she purchased with a Groupon coupon which allowed her to keep the office running while she navigated the increasing emergency room visits and sought rest after long nights keeping her sick pet comforted.  She turned to Deluxe for Business to take care of day to day operations for things like writing checks, getting proposals packaged and compiling reports.  By doing much of the work from home she could provide the palliative care her Rocky needed toward the end.

Animal behavior specialists can also assist in making determinations about medical disorders.  They can help you understand the changes and create plans to help you effectively manage the behavior problems that come with your dog’s senior years.  And don’t believe the old adage about old dogs and new tricks.  You can still introduce ways  to refresh the things he has already learned or teach new means of coping.  They might take longer to learn, and move slower on command, but you’ll see glimpses of the old pooch you fell in love with all those years ago.

When the inevitable happens, and there’s no other course of action to take, talk to your professional about easing into the transition of life without your four-legged love.  Hopefully there will be lots of video of his carefree puppy days to enjoy.